Ver. 1.0 Beta, Don't have a compiler? Now you can write simple scripts ONLINE! This is a basic version -does not include all the Pascal statements. Only to learn basics


Turbo Pascal Guide

Turbo Pascal Guide

Programming guide is created for academic and high school students. Examples and articles will help you to learn necessary materials in order to create professional programs. You will learn to code basic mathematics calculations, building custom databases and creating video games in Pascal!

Benefit from over 70 articles of programming guide in Turbo Pascal on-line! Learn to develop programs and understand coding techniques.

More regarding Pascal: Turbo Pascal  -how designed was turbo pascal, useful keybord shortcuts in turbo pascal

Turbo Pascal basic guide
Pascal Basic Guide
Advanced guide in Pascal
Pascal Advanced Guide
Completed Source Codes in Turbo Pascalu
Completed Source Codes
Download -programs and games in turbo pascalu

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